Inseikai Tohoku Spring Camp 2023 -- Mathematics & Computation

My friends (Zhang Ye, and Zhao Yikai) and I organized a Math Camp to assist new Master’s/ Ph.D. students with mathematics and computation, opened on campus at Tohoku University. The camp was concluded on Friday (March 24, 2023).

For mathematics, the content covers most of the techniques commonly used in multivariable calculus and static optimization. For computation, we taught introduction to Python, and how to use them in economic modeling. The content mainly follows Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis (2016) by Sydsaeter, Hammond, Strom & Carvajal. Although the materials are not as rigorous as other formal textbooks (such as Simon & Blume (1994), Chiang(1967)), it is sufficient for practical treatment of doing and presenting mathematics in writing papers. Our notes cannot substitute for the original book, and we greatly recommend students buying these books.

The lecture notes have been uploaded to

For the next camp, we intend to cove Differential Equations and Dynamic Optimization, whereas the Computation can extend to cover techniques in MATLAB and econometrics with R.

Written on March 24, 2023