How to Nail Academic Presentations

As a major presentation is coming, here are some BIG tips in giving presentations that I’ve learned. (the famous BIG 5)

In the first 5 minutes, tell the audience these:

  1. What are you doing? In 25 words, plain English, tell them the question you are trying to find an answer for.
  2. Why is it important? Why should someone care about your research? To understand economic concept, to know what should be intervened
  3. How is the existing literature deficient? Focus on what’s NOT there, tell them the gap you are trying to fill.
  4. What are you doing that’s better? One or two short sentence. Bold. Plain English. Make everyone knows exactly what your niche is.
  5. What did you find? the TAKEAWAY. Tell them the results and an intuitive explanation. Make them remember your research and its results.

While presenting the BIG 5:

  • Don’t use jargon
  • Avoid extraneous details
  • Repeat if needed. Better to be redundant than misunderstood.

After Big 5, “serve” the presentation:

  • The Intuitive Appetizer: begins with an interlude called “How I got the idea for this paper. There were no equations, charts, tables, or props of any sort. Just an informal chat filled with easy-to-understand intuition. HOW You got the idea is equally important.
  • The Main Dish: Balance between technicality and intuition.

Detail and source

An open-source grammar and style checker: angryreviewer (to use with Grammarly)

Written on May 18, 2022