Published Papers

1. The Aging Tax on Potential Growth in Asia (2022). (Article-in-Press) Journal of Asian Economics. URL

This paper constructs an OLG model with endogenous retirement to analyze the effect of population aging on economic growth in Asian economies. Key contributions: 1) analytically examine the effect of the “aging tax” and 2) quantitatively assess these effects through numerical simulations of the model calibrated to selected Asian economies. We find that countries with higher labor share and lower educational attainment should face larger negative impacts of population aging.

Working Papers

1. Automation and Skill Premium: Why Fertility and Employment Protection Matter.

A general equilibrium OLG model to study Automation, using historical data in Japan and the US.

2. Aggregate Productivity Growth in Vietnam: The Gain From Trade.

Using the APO data and ADB’s Input-Output Table recorded from 2007-2020 to identify and decompose Vietnamese Aggregate Productivity Growth (APG) into Technical Efficiency, Inputs Reallocation Efficiency and Trade Efficiency.

Side Projects

1. Simple OLS to assess Chile’s Inflation Targeting Policy. [Github] [Rpub]

Using an OLS model to estimate the effectiveness of the policy on economic growth (result: 20% higher), Chilean data from 1980q1 to 2017q4.

2. APG Decomposition for Belgium. [Rpub]

Using R to conduct an Aggregate Productivity Growth decomposition for Belgian economy, which shows productivity gains from inputs reallocation.

3. Genetic Algorith in Finance. [Github]

A simulation code in Python to reproduce Lettau Martin (1997)’s model of a portfolio decision made by boundedly rational agents in the financial market.

in Vietnamese

  1. (2019).The Impacts of Inflation Targeting Policy on Economic Growth: The Case of Chile and Lessons for Vietnam, External Economics Review No. 114/2019, p. 83–103. URL
  2. (2018). Unconventional Monetary Policy: Lessons from the Bank of Japan (BOJ), External Economics Review No. 110/2018, p. 76–94. URL