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A collection of ranking sources.

The Specialized Online Rankings

IDEAS/RePEc Aggregate Rankings for Journals

IDEAS/RePEc Simple Impact Factors for Journals


Google Scholar

CNRS (French)

ABDC (Australia)

The General Online Rankings

Web of Science



The Papers that do the Rankings

Ritzberger, K. (2008). A ranking of journals in economics and related fields. German Economic Review, 9(4), 402-430.

The list of Recommended Journals on p. 143.

Barrett, C. B., Olia, A., & Bailey, D. V. (2000). Subdiscipline-specific journal rankings: whither Applied Economics?. Applied Economics, 32(2), 239-252.

The top 10 journals for each subfield of Economics on p. 242.

Engemann, K. M., & Wall, H. J. (2009). A journal ranking for the ambitious economist. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, 91(3), 127-139.

The “ambitious” list on p. 134

Combes, P. P., & Linnemer, L. (2010). Inferring missing citations: A quantitative multi-criteria ranking of all journals in economics.

Other rankings:

Lehmann, R., & Wohlrabe, K. (2017). An Elo ranking for economics journals’’. Economics Bulletin, 37(4), 2282-2291.

Hole, A. R. (2017). Ranking economics journals using data from a national research evaluation exercise. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 79(5), 621-636.

Journals under JSTOR

Journals by University of Chicago

How to publish in top journals

How to Publish in Top Journals (Kwan Choi)

How to Publish in a Top Journal (Hammermesh)

An Excerpt from Choi (by Akio Matsumoto)

Know your enemies

Writing Tips for Ph. D. Students (Cochrane)

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